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Here of Salman khan ?

Social Justice liberal warriors, also Trudeau an Merkel FAVORITE ideology: 100 millions death in 100 years.


That's why your Dad's named Joe Dirt !!! That's why your Dad's named Joe Dirt !!!! That's why your Dad's named Joe Dirt !!!!.

I love that none of her films are frivolous. Her last film on the genocide in Bosnia inspired me..


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She takes half of Brads money, and this is what she does with it? Me so Angelina, what are you going to do now? Angelina well I'm going to make a move, to get people aware of stuff happening in other countries that they can't do anything about. Me sounds great, what made you decide to work on this project and what is it going to cost. Angelina I making this movie to feel better about myself, and to try to get the spotlight off of fact that I have issues. The cost is about 100 million of Brads money, and I'm not worried if it goes over budget. I'll just call my lawyer if I need more..

Queen Angelina making a comeback

ALL i'm asking for is Owen's wow

I hope Angelina Jolie wins an Oscar for Best Director and Best Actress one day.

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Me & and, My & Father… hindi? dubbed

It was a silly filme and boring an unbelievable degree and there is no story or lesson This is not a comedy it's a huge amount of triviality

Gibson for President. can't wait for it come out.

This will be good....

This looks stupid. Why does David Spade keep getting work? He's a nobody and a jerk. Plus he's not that good of an actor. He should've disappear awhile ago..

Kristen Bell always gets the workaholic character

Angelina Jolie has such an amazing soul, such an inspiration. I am proud to be Cambodian, I cannot wait to see this..

I came here for the movie itself. Please show the original some respect and stop your ' I only come here because of the remake'... geez these people deyre23m Me and. My, Father, in. tamil This looks hilarious 😂 Watch, Me. and… My & Father, Online? HDQ Me? and. My. Father, release, date Even though the wound was already heal, but there is still a scar that will never ever disappear. I've never been through that, but it hurts me. When my parents told me about what they went through in Khmer Rouge, it made me cry so hard..

Why does Kristen Bell say every line like it’s a question?

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